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    Place of origin: Yangzhou,China(Mainland)
    Brand name: HEZI

    Model Number: JKYJPJ85/SC
    Voltage grade: 600V
    Conductor Material: Tinned copper wire
    The highest continuous operating temperature of the conductor is 90℃
    Insulation Material: XLPE
    Inner sheath: Halogen-free crosslinked polyolefin(SHF2)
    Armored: Tinned c…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • Which adopts high quality LLDPE raw material with high percents nylon make sure the air column bag more stronger,effectively protect sensitive goods from shocks.
    ● Lightweight 99% air and 1% plastic.
    ● Sustainable: Recyclable and 90% source reduction.
    ● Product cushioning within an barrier.
    ● Increase productivity by reducing labor,m…[إقرأ المزيد]

    Model No.RHD-UV3
    Laser power3W/5w
    Marking range100×100mm(OPTIONAL)
    Re-position accuracy±0.002mm
    Control systemPC
    Monitor systemRED/CCD
    Power consumption1KW
    Power supply220V/5A 50/60HZ
    Ultraviolet laser marking machine is equipped with 355…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • Webster hardness tester W20 for testing aluminum profiles can perform on-site hardness tester on aluminum alloys. The test result can be got with only a simple clamp. It is convenient, efficient and reliable. It is preferred to test aluminum alloys mechanical performance in accordance with American standard ASTM B647. It is used for quick test the…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • The world’s first 3D drone swarming formation performance.
    HighGreat Drone Swarming Performance.
    Take the technological advantages of HighGreat in the drone industry and the resources of the whole chain industry,
    Cross-border technology and culture industry to explore innovation,
    Based on exclusive custom drone equipment and cutting-edge control…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • LED T8-120cm-24W
    LED nanotubes, high-power 24W LED nanotubes outline a huge building outline, giving you the ultimate visual effect. Not only as a profile lighting, but also for hotels, factories, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, underground passageways, stations, parking lots, property buildings and other places
    LED Light…[إقرأ المزيد]

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    Our ServiceChina Medal Box

  • Name: Reducer
    Size: 2400*45*10mm
    Package: 20 pcs/box
    Weight: 10 kgs/box
    Raw MaterialsPVC Resin and Calcium Carbonate
    PVC Content Range30% To 70%
    Surface TechnologyPrinting, High Glossy, Hot Stamping, Laser Film, Laminated
    Surface ShapeFlat or Groove
    Color & DesignAny colors and designs are…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • Founded in 1953, Shandong Binzhou Forging And Pressing Machinery Factory (Binzhou Drilling Machinery Factory)is a state owned enterprise dealing in development, manufacture and marketing of various water well drilling rigs,engineering drilling rigs, truck mounted drilling rigs,core drilling rigs and construction machinery. It has two factories are…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • Our History
    Dongguan Sanjue Bag Industry Co,Ltd. established in 2010, is an OEM manufacturer, which is engaged in the Neoprene Products. We have more than five platform websites, covering domestic and foreign website platforms.
    Company mission: Always put the customer’s needs first and produce products that meet the customer’s requirements.…[إقرأ المزيد]

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